"Aurora Eco-System" for Off-Grid Instrument Air at Well Sites

Aurora Eco-Systems provide clean, dry compressed air instead of using produced gas (un-combusted) to drive pneumatic devices, such as glycol pumps, controllers, valves, switches and plunger lifts

  • Reduces or eliminates fugitive methane emissions at oil & gas wells (wet or dry gas)

  • Avoids venting or flaring

  • Allows producers to sell & monetize gas which would otherwise be consumed as “instrument air”

  • Avoids potential fines and other regulatory consequences—BLM, EPA, US states, Canadian provinces

  • Reduces or eliminates methane emissions monitoring, measuring & reporting requirements

  • Patents pending

Commercially proven—60+ units deployed at well sites of large E&P companies

  • USA, Canada & South America—including in some of the world’s hottest & coldest climates

Scalable, mobile and re-deployable

Large Aurora units can serve 3-15 wells per unit (multi-well pads). 

Small Aurora units can serve 1 well each

Payback periods typically 1-3 years (not including avoided fines of up to $500/day per well (BLM))

Aurora units can be purchased from Gas Recovery Solutions (GRS) or financed by GRS under a “no money down” recovered revenue sharing programContact us for more information.