100% Financing & Revenue Sharing Program — No Money Down

Contact us to discuss deploying Aurora Eco-System units at your well sites

Background & Purpose
  • Capital budgets are currently constrained for many oil & gas producers

  • But the need to address new methane regulations + capture lost revenues is urgent

  • In response, GRS has developed an innovative “no money down” financing & revenue sharing program to allow Aurora units to be deployed at oil & gas companies’ well sites without requiring a purchase or capital commitment

Program Overview
  • Gas Recovery Solutions and its capital partners provide 100% of financing to purchase & deploy Aurora Eco-System units

  • Gas Recovery Solutions and the well owner/operator share "found revenue" from the sale of methane that would otherwise be consumed onsite as instrument air

  • Instrument air usage is measured (post-dryer vessel) and calculated in accordance with American Gas Association (AGA) standards & measurements practices

  • Monthly operating charges & accounting protocols are in accordance with Oil & Gas industry norms