Market Need & Industry Challenge

Today, moderate-pressure, raw produced gas (un-combusted) is often used to drive pneumatic equipment at well sites, such as glycol pumps, controllers, valves, switches and plunger lifts—particularly to keep this equipment warm and operational. This function is often referred to as "instrument air," even though that "air" is methane.

This practice is common in cold climates, such as the US Marcellus/Utica, Rockies, Williston, Midcontinent and Canadian basins, and especially where three-phase grid power is not available.

However, the use of produced gas as instrument air has significant drawbacks, such as those listed in the blocks below. Learn more by clicking each block.


Deploying Aurora Eco-System units from Gas Recovery Solutions for instrument air functions—instead of using produced gas—solve ALL of these challenges Learn more by viewing the Solutions and Benefits pages.

Corrosion &
Equipment Failure
Lost Gas Revenues:
$35,000/year per Well
(or more)