Did you know?   Produced gas used as "instrument air" to drive well site equipment contributes to methane emissions...
BUT  can instead be 100% cost-effectively captured to increase net revenues for producers.  Learn more here.
No Money Down
Financing Program

Gas Recovery Solutions (GRS) knows that capital budgets are tight in the Oil & Gas industry today. Therefore, GRS and its capital partners can finance 100% of any Aurora Eco-System deployment that meets minimum criteria.

Under this program, GRS and the well owner(s) share the "found revenue" that results from selling/monetizing methane that was previously consumed at the well site for "instrument air" purposes -- a "win-win."

Are Your Wells Candidates for Aurora Eco-Systems?
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Complete the Well Site Survey Form accessible below to help us determine whether your wells are candidates for Aurora Eco-System units and to estimate how much money you can save by recovering lost gas revenues.

Your well information will be kept confidential.

News & Events:
GRS to present the Aurora Eco-System at the Marcellus SHALE INSIGHT conference's "Technology Showcase"

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